About Me

I was born in Saskatchewan, raised in Ashcroft BC,  lived and worked in Edmonton for 15 years, and  currently reside in Prince George with my family.

I consider myself  a  ‘self-taught artist with a very active imagination’.  I love to experiment with new materials and techniques every chance I get, and find  inspiration in some very odd places.   My intrinsic need to express ideas and emotions has yielded many diverse bodies of work that I’ve exhibited locally and regionally, as well as at my own gallery from 2010-2016 downtown Prince George.

Watercolors were my first love, however owning a sheet metal shop proved beneficial to my art-making practice. I’ve been using metal as my canvas in most of my work lately using acrylic mediums as well as collage and assemblage with found items and rust techniques.  My future plans may include 3-dimensional work as well, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day for all of my ideas.  I have  multiple works in progress in each of my two home studios, and yet I’m still afflicted continually with inspiration and concepts for another new series
My favorite motto is “There are no rules”.   Creating  imagery that delights the eye, shocks or surprises us, or simply questions the mind or the process,  makes it all meaningful.   I believe that being creative is a state of mind.  It’s a way of thinking and looking at things-maybe a little differently than most.